Since I have not preached the last three Sundays, I have not written my “What Am I Thinking This Week” post. In case you missed it, this post is an outline, and hopefully discussion, of what I am thinking about for the upcoming sermon. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts to the discussion.

This Sunday is the last Sunday of our Advent Conspiracy. The theme is “Love All”. Just to summarize, we had planned out four Sunday themes for our Advent Conspiracy: Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All. We have had guest speakers from our church cover the first three themes for this series. I am planning to speak on the final theme of Love All. I find this last theme very challenging to talk about because it is such a high challenge. However, it is very congruent with the theme that we belived God directed our church to consider that we have called Revolutionary Love.

For the sermon, I anticipate talking about God as the source of love and then think about Christmas as the illustration of that love. From there, I want to finish with some practical ideas about love from the many teachings on the topic in the Bible. As I have not done it for a while, I may end with some kind of test or inventory and encourage people to evaluate how they are doing in the various areas of their life. I guess you would call it a “love test.”

Let me know if you have any thoughts or illustrations or books that you can add to the discussion.