Possibilities International (PI) is a charity with a humanitarian aid focus, identifying and meeting needs which are considered too small for funding from larger organizations. Brenda Kumornik, of Westheights Church, is passionate about helping however she can, and she is seeking donations of items to be auctioned for PI’s Big Event on Saturday, May 4, at Bingeman’s Banquet Centre.

If you have any items you can donate for the auction, contact Brenda at 519-579-5352. Any donations, big or small, would be greatly appreciated.

Funds collected at the auction will go toward basic needs, such as::

  • The child who cannot enroll in school because his family cannot to buy a uniform
  • The elderly woman who carries a single light bulb from room to room because she cannot afford to buy another
  • The orphan who has never owned a new pair of shoes
  • The bright 15 year old girl who will go blind without an operation that only costs $300

To learn more about Possibilities International, go to their website at www.iam1ru.com