Over the past few years I have been volunteering with the Breakfast Club program at my kids’ school (Driftwood Park Public School) here in Forest Heights.  This program offers the students breakfast three days a week in the school gym, as well as providing classroom food bowls.  Funding for this program has been significantly cut back this year.  The Breakfast Club organizer is looking for donations from churches and other school supporters to help keep this program running.

Below is information provided by the Breakfast Club organizer.  You can help by donating specific food items (see the list below) or simply a monetary gift.  If you are interested in donating, please email me and I can pass along your donations.


Driftwood Park Public school is proud to offer our students breakfast Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the school gym.  Our Breakfast Club program is available to all students at Driftwood for a voluntary donation of $10 per child per school year.

Last year, the Breakfast Club program cost $5,200.

  • We served 4,800 meals on 178 school days (breakfast and classroom bowls)

However, funding has been slashed this year and we will have a significant monetary shortfall.   We will have difficulty sustaining our classroom food bowls until more funds can be secured. 


Monetary Donation:  Donate $10 or more to help us buy food for the Breakfast Club and Food Bowl program.

Donate Much Needed Items for the Food Bowls:

  • Fruit cups – mandarins, fruit cocktail, etc. (individual size)
  • Fruit snacks – Welches fruit snacks, Sunripe fruit strips, etc.
  • Pudding cups (individual size)
  • Apple Sauce (individual cups)
  • Granola bars (no nuts)
  • Cereal bars  – Nutrigrain, etc.
  • Raisin boxes (individual snack size boxes)
  • Small apples
  • Cracker and cheese packs (individual size)
  • Rice Krispies Squares (prepackaged)