We received this request for off-campus student housing from a first-year UW student. Please pass this need on to your network and hopefully we can help Alana find housing in the area.

“I am currently enrolled in my first year at UW in the Environment and Resource Studies program. I am in the non co-op program meaning that each year I will be in classes September-April and will be working in the summer. In the summer I work for Parks Canada. I am very quiet and am generally in bed by 10pm. I get up around 7 each morning. I am looking for a quiet place to stay of any variety. I would be okay with eating with a family or cooking and eating by myself. I have no allergies to food or animals, in fact I love pets. On Sundays I attend the Meeting House and have been for nearly my whole life. I can be reached at alanahawton@gmail.com or 289-260-5768.”

Thank you,
Alana Hawton