I can remember clearly the day that I gave my life to Jesus. One day I thought I knew I was a ‘Christian,’ the next day I believed in the all powerful God who created the entire universe. I know what it’s like to feel passion for God, and then seem to loose it. And it’s no wonder that I lost it. When I first gave my life to Christ at the age of 17 I was reading a whole book of the Bible every day, I knew what it was to pray constantly. Do I have that even now?

I look back on my experiences today and I can see something very interesting. Even though I experience these times in my life when I am down in my passion for God, I can still look back and see that no matter what, he was still working in me to create me into who he wants me to be, and the encouragement and tools I get from those high points give me what I need to plow through in the low points.

God has put me into such an incredible place in life right now. It seems that all the gifts he’s given me and developed in me since that day eight years ago find their place in this church at this moment. We all have an incredible opportunity right now. When we allow God to work in us and change us, the inevitable result is a person who can help those around them in unique and unbelievable ways.