Are all people created as equal? If so, do I live my life according to that truth? I mean, really?

In my life, I think God is reminding me of the great WORTH of every person. That means that every single person has within them the capacity for greatness, since they are created and loved by God. Plus, God has created each person with gifts and dreams unique to him or her. One of the ideals that I want to live out is being respectful of everyone, based on the fact that they are loved by God.

In truth, that’s tough to do, don’t you think? I mean there are so MANY people in the world; it’s hard to believe that EVERYBODY is important. Plus we are so easily drawn into comparison or jealousy or at least trying to figure out how we “measure up” next to others. We are “climbing the ladder,” “trying to get ahead,” and so on. A lot of that comes from a competitive motive. Yes, God has abundance in mind for all of us, but never at the EXPENSE of others.

One of the things that I think is attractive about some of the new-age teachers of today is that they appear to be accepting of everyone. One of my friends (also a Yoga teacher) is very impressive in her attempts to be fully understanding of everyone. Another friend (who would not describe herself as a follower of Christ) is such a wonderful listener. She really seeks to understand the world of the person with whom she is speaking. That amazes me.

I think Jesus was a powerful conversationalist. He really sought to understand people, finding out what really motivates them. Every conversation he had with people (like the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, Nicodemus, the 12 disciples and others) are all examples of respectful dialogue. Yes, He had solutions and metaphors (like the living water, the door, the light) but these all came out of his knowledge of the needs in their lives.

What I am asking myself is, “Do I really seek the best for everyone that I meet, or am I rushing past, not really listening or even noticing — so unlike the Good Samaritan that I want to be?”

“Have equal concern for each other…”

1 Cor. 12:25