The church is God’s program. I believe in the local church and the mission that God has given to it for its local community and beyond. I have come to believe that one of the reasons that God created the church is that He knows that people do better when they are together supporting one another in their Christian faith. There are a lot of forces at work today to discourage you in your Christian life but one of the most powerful antidote to that discouragement is the body of Christ. Individualism has lead us to believe that we can do it alone. That is just not true. You can never be all that God wants you to be without ¬†being part of a local church because some things you just can’t do alone. Church is one of those things.

The truth is, you can join a church and attend services and still feel lonely and disconnected. Community does not happen automatically. It has to be encouraged by the leaders and pursued by the people in the church. The Bible describes it as fellowship, in the Greek language is “koinonia” which mean to be committed to others who are in Christ. Many believe this to be simply socializing together. It can be that but it can much more than that. It can also mean studying together, and serving together and even suffering together. My prayer is that our church will experience a deeper level of community because we are praying and asking God … together … for it. Join with us in our 40 Day Spiritual Adventure and get “connected” to the church of Christ.

Here is a funny video that demonstrates my point.