Welcome to the Prayer Guide for our 40 Day Spiritual Adventure called CONNECT.   Our theme for 2010 is “community” expressed in the tagline “we are better together.”  It is my prayer that for the next 40 days this Prayer Guide will allow us to pray together as a church with intensity and in unity.  The Prayer Guide is a tool to help us unite our hearts in prayer to God and as an entire congregation as we pray for the same goals for our own lives and our church family.

This year’s Prayer Guide is different from last year’s in a significant way. Forty people in our church wrote an entry for each day to create the Prayer Guide for 2010. Each day, you will read a life story of someone in our church describing how the verse or theme has related to their Christian experience. Each verse for the 40 Day Spiritual Adventure is a “one another” from the Bible.

Each day in the Prayer Guide has a theme verse which you can focus on in preparing yourself for that day’s reading and prayer outline.  Read the verse and allow God to speak to you about how that verse can be used in your life as it relates to the congregation of Westheights.  Imagine what would happen if we all took these forty verses seriously over the next forty days.  Imagine the impact of a church that took these forty “one another’s” to heart.  It would change our church and change our community.  Let’s pray for that to happen.

Many thanks to all of the contributors.  Your stories are wonderful testimonies of your experience with God and are sure to encourage all who read them.

If you really appreciate something that someone wrote in the Prayer Guide, send them a note or let them know at church on Sunday.

Each day the daily article will appear online here at the blog.  Come back each morning for the latest posting.  Sundays will not have a posting since the 40 days of the Lenten season do not include Sundays.

Pray on!