As I was driving to see my mother a couple of weeks ago (she had surgery and was in the hospital) just outside of Barrie I noticed that there is a church with a big billboard sign on the side of their building that faces Highway 400 that says “Its all about relationships.”  What a great sign.  It is so true. If I were to summarize the whole Bible in one word, it would be “relationship”. God created you for  a relationship with Him and others. I say that because Jesus said, the whole Bible can be summarized in one command, love God and love other people. That  phrase “Love your neighbor as yourself,” is found in the Bible nine different times. It seems to me that God is trying to make sure we understand this point.

Isn’t it amazing, when life gets demanding we tend to skim on our relationships?

When life gets busy, why do we tend to cut corners on the thing that is most important in our lives?