I watched a hockey game yesterday. It felt like 1972 again although I was very young during the 1972 Summit Series so an honest comparison might be impossible. The results were the same – Canadian pride re-established around the unofficial national sport of Canada (officially lacrosse is our national sport). As Bob Johnston would say, “It was a great day for hockey.” It was a great day for Canada. The Olympics seemed to do more for national pride than previous games.

A dilemma began earlier in the week.  As Team Canada carried on their march towards the hockey final, the match-up for Sunday afternoon presented a scheduling challenge for our family. We have House Church on Sunday nights at 5:30.  The hockey final was scheduled to begin at 3:00 pm on Sunday and therefore end around 5:30-6:00 pm.  Would anyone come to House Church if the game was a nail biter, or worse, what if it went into overtime? Our House Church found a solution. Carol Westfall told our group, “I will throw some food in the oven and everyone can come over during the second intermission and we can watch the third period together and have House Church once the game is over.” We had an unplanned potluck with most of the food coming from our hosts.

So we watched the first two periods at home with our family. Then we watched the third period and overtime at the Westfalls with our House Church. My conclusion: It was a lot more fun watching the game with a larger group of people than at home with just our family. Isn’t it true: many things are more fun with others.

Anyone else have a similar experience watching the game with some friends?

Do you remember the 1972 series? How did this game compare?