This morning I read Matthew 6:33 and it says, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” I was reminded that this verse is saying, “Hey, don’t worry about the stuff that we tend to worry about. Don’t worry about the gifts. God’s in charge of those. He’s got them. It’s all His, anyway. Let him be in charge of them and everything will work out fine.”

It is a good reminder for Lent. What we have to focus on is seeking Him first, putting everything aside to focus on Him. Lent is the season of preparation and purification. It is a season of sacrifice. Our 40 Day Spiritual Adventure is intentionally during the Lent season. It is a time when many people intentionally sacrifice something to recommit themselves to God. Some people give up TV, food, hobbies … even Tim Horton’s coffee.

For some people that might be the next step in their spiritual development. Learning to sacrifice. Sacrifice is not valued in our world and in our culture. But sacrifice is the essence of community. It is self-sacrifice that makes community become Christian. I become like Jesus when I start putting others ahead of myself. It is when I find ways to serve others and put them first that God can use me in the most significant way.

Imagine what would happen in a community of Christians where everyone put others ahead of themselves? That would change things.

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Have you sacrificed something during this Lent season? How did that affect your spiritual growth?