“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.”  Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT)


We are stronger and more effective together.


  • Praise God for who He is
  • Confess your sinfulness and need for cleansing
  • Allow His Spirit to draw you near
  • Listen as He speaks to you


  • That God leads you to someone that you can encourage today.
  • That God shows you how your gifts can help the church succeed in its mission.
  • That God gives you an open heart to godly people who can speak wisdom into your life.


  • Thank God for hearing you.
  • Trust that God is at work to accomplish His will.


  • Luke 5:18-25


“The religious community is essential, for alone our vision is too narrow to see all that must be seen. Together, our vision widens and strength is renewed .” – Mark Morrison-Reed


When I was in school, my least favourite assignments were the “group projects”.  I much preferred to work on my own, not held back by others’ schedules and study habits.  Just let me do it myself!

However, these days I feel much differently.  I am quite aware that I do not have all the answers, and that the best results come from a group of people working hard and creatively toward a common goal.  We all have different skills, gifts, and experiences.  Bringing those together with a unified vision and mutual respect is a powerful thing.  In preparing for our Christmas Eve services this past December, the part I enjoyed the most was combining the strong gifts of many people to make it all happen.  Right from the initial planning stages, it was a group effort.  What a fun and rewarding experience!

In my personal life as well, I know I need the wisdom and insight of others to help keep me on track, give me fresh perspective, and point out areas where I need to change and grow.

I am thankful for godly people in my life who encourage me, speak into my life, and help me to succeed.  I trust that I do that for others as well.

Contributed by:  Melanie Wigg