Westheights Church Library review of the book “Marriage Under Cover: Thriving In A Culture of Quiet Desperation” by authors Bob and Audrey Meisner.  Reviewed by Heather Cressman.

Would it surprise you to learn that ‘women are naturally rebellious and men are naturally lazy?’

Would it surprise you to learn that, like ‘every other sin, adultery begins in the mind?’

Would it surprise you to learn that God’s plan is for all of His children to enjoy a Promise Land marriage?

If I’ve grabbed your attention, then you’ll want to read this book to find out more.  At the point we join Bob and Audrey, they appear to have it all: a thriving television ministry; a rock-solid, decades-long marriage, complete with three beautiful children; a supportive church family and friends in abundance. Safe, secure, almost immune from peril, Bob and Audrey’s relationship was cruising right along….and then it happened.  Sin.  As Audrey recounts, “It sweeps in low, beneath our radar, ready to launch a sneak attack and catch us unawares.  It begins so gradually.   Once the crack opens and the ‘hook’ is in, sin draws us slowly but surely off the true path and onto a false trail of lies and self-deception.”

Ah, but there before the Grace of God go I…and, if their story were to end there, Bob and Audrey’s marriage would be just another divorce statistic.  But this is actually a story of the redemption and rebirth of two individuals and a marriage, and, most importantly, their relationships with God.  There is a lot of pain, heartache, anguish, regret, anger and a myriad of other emotions to wade through to get to the Promise Land marriage that God has in mind for the Meisners, but wade and struggle and strain they do!

And if adultery is not an issue you’ve faced personally, consider reading this book anyway.  As a result of this specific sin, a broader biblical concept is explored that’s relevant to all Christian marriages, and that is the act of covering your marriage.  The husband is called to be the priest, provider and protector of the home and sprinkled throughout the chapters, Bob, with the help of his wise friend Leo, explores just what this means and how to utilize it.  No matter what the issue – bitterness, anger, resentment – this biblical principle can be applied to great effect.  Husband, wife and children will benefit from its proper application and God will surely smile; for things are as they should be before that darn snake got a hold of us!