“If we love our Christian brothers and sisters, it proves that we have passed from death to life.  But a person who has no love is still dead.”  1 John 3:14 (NLT)


Let’s pray that we can become more gracious to each other as a community, so that we can show the love of Christ to each other, and therefore other people.


  • Praise God for who He is
  • Confess your sinfulness and need for cleansing
  • Allow His Spirit to draw you near
  • Listen as He speaks to you


  • For an understanding of what it means to love graciously.
  • Forgiveness for our shortfalls in this area.
  • The ability to understand the differences in other people’s struggles.
  • The understanding of our own shortfalls and struggles.


  • Thank God for hearing you.
  • Trust that God is at work to accomplish His will.


  • Romans 13:8-14


When I first became a Christian in my late teens it became very clear to me that different people had different ideas of what living the Christian life meant.  I had the same mindset that I believe many of us have as some point; that if someone is, or is not doing certain things then they can’t possibly be a true Christ-follower.

I remember from that summer one particular guy my age who I knew not to be a true Christian.  We were working together in a Christian setting and I would ride on the edge of anger at him for his duplicity.  Little did I realize that in this way I illustrated my own duplicity in the best possible way by not loving him as I should have.

True life is living with the knowledge that we are saved by grace regardless of what we do.  The real proof of Christ living in us is when we can extend that love to others regardless of their lifestyle.  When I think about it I really had no idea whether he was a committed Christian or not, ultimately that’s not up for me to decide.  But if I had really been letting Christ live through me in the way that I should have been then it wouldn’t have been an issue.  We are called to live lives of grace, loving people in the same way that God loves us, “it proves that we have ‘passed from death to life.”

Contributed by:  Devon Wagler