Our 2010 40 Day Spiritual Adventure has now concluded and it was an awesome experience. This year’s 40 Day Spiritual Adventure made me appreciate Westheights church in a new way. I have always believed that our church could be different … in a really good way. And the CONNECT 40 Day Spiritual Adventure has convinced me we see the same kind of future for our church. I believe in a church where people are connected to one another and I can see that you do too. We all want to be part of a church where people notice you because they know you. And if you don’t come to church people notice that too.

Today, many people attend church but they are disconnected from the rest of the people who attend.  In most churches, especially the bigger ones, you can be unneeded and unnoticed if that is what you want. I recognize that many people today like the anonymity of going to a big church and slipping out the back door as the last stanza is sung in the last song. It is like Christianity has become a spectator sport and people come to church and have the same connection with other people that you have at a sporting event … very little. You are simply cheering for the same team.

Let’s be different and be a connected church. I hope that the CONNECT 40 Day Spiritual Adventure has birthed in our church a vision of what it can and should be like in a local community of Christians who are committed to helping each other to find and follow Jesus.

I hope that this blog has been a help to you. It is has been a way for us to connect when we are not together.

Let’s stay connected and become a group of believers who serve, play and live life together. Like the song from that old TV show that says, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came … where troubles are all the same … where everybody knows your name. “ I say, “Cheers to that vision of the church.”