Yesterday was the day! I meant to blog yesterday, but there was so much going on and so many friends here to catch up with that I ran out of time. All of the Westheights kids, and most of the other staff have made up here safely – a few are still coming up throughout the week. It was a long drive, but so exciting. You know you were getting closer to camp as God’s creation began to show more and more and man’s creation was less and less. I knew I was really up north when the only radio station we could get clearly was Moose FM (no joke). As the conversation with my brother stopped because he fell asleep on, my thoughts went back to church yesterday morning and specifically the song ‘The Majesty and The Mystery’. I found it so fitting as the words reminded me so much of camp. The lines “Your arms are, the arms that hung shining stars in deepest space” especially made me think of camp because the stars up here are so beautiful and there are so many of them. Being able to see them puts me in awe of the majesty of a God who creates them and the mystery of how the same God loves me so much. One of my many prayers for this summer is that everyone who comes here and sees the beauty of the stars and the rest of God creation will also know that God also loves them.

P.S.  On a funnier note – during our ice breakers last night we had to line up without talking according to a variety of categories. Within the first two ice breakers I learned that I was the oldest staff member as well as the shortest (well second, but still it was great to go from one extreme to the other).