Hey everyone! So today is our 3rd full day at camp and it has been awesome! Its been a little chilly but we have all packed and are ready for the cool. Yesterday was pretty fun because the returning staff got to make lists of what makes a good and a bad cabin leader. We also got to act out skits of different types of kids and the LIT’s had to guess which type of kid we were. Then we acted out how to deal with the situation. The one situation featured me as a bed wetter. The cabin leaders then went on to offer me to change my clothes, wash my sheets, and let me use his sleeping bag. So it was a fun way for us returning staff to give examples to the LIT’s for how a situation could be handled. We also did something really cool today. We split into groups and walked around camp. We then prayed for  the cabins, rock climbing wall, beach, etc. All the things and places around camp and we basically focused on the children’s safety as they went to each activity or place and that they could also have fun at these places. The times up here so far have been so much fun and we have all really started to become a family and working as a team. We have really focused on working as a team to bring the kids and each other closer to God so it has been going great this week team building. Hope everyone back at home is being safe and enjoying your time.

Miss you guys lots!
Matt Reist 🙂

PS! The lake is not actually frozen 😛