Hey everyone!

It’s Amanda and Matt writing to you guys, giving you an update.

It is Camp Kahquah Hump Day today which means we are half way through the week! YEAH!

So this week I have 6 girls in my cabin and they are the older girls. The week started off with secluded groups of pairs in the cabin, each girl having their own “bestie”. But as the week has progress, all the girls have opened up to each other to accept everyone. We are now one big happy family! 🙂

The one day earlier this week 2 of my girls were both sick; one with the flu and one with bad stomach pain. It was sad to see that they were suffering in pain and having to spend the night missing out on different activities but the amazing thing was that the other girls in the cabin were to concern and would do anything to make them feel better. They would always come to the nurse’s office to check in on the sick ones. It was so nice to see the love our girls already have for each other just after spending 3 days together. 🙂
Yesterday, one of my girls accepted Christ into their hearts for the first time. It was a great time for the little girl came up to me and wanted me to pray and be with her while she said her prayer. It’s amazing to see God’s work and seeing his children accept Him into their heart!

This week has been tiring and exhausting from the heat but I continue to have faith in the Lord that he will give me the strength to continue to be a role model for these kids and encourage them in their relationship with God.

This week, my kids are totally crazy!!! They are so much fun to play in the water with and always have energy. At night they have really started to listen compared to earlier in the week. They are really enjoying story time at night as I read to them Adam Raccoon Books. Although they have been a tough bunch so far, they have really started to listen and get along with each other. I have been really praying for the strength to get through the week and I know it will be a great rest of the week. 🙂

So we just ask you, to keep us in your prayers. To pray for the strength of Matt and I and that we may stay healthy and injury free. 🙂

Have a great summer
God Bless

Amanda && Matt