So this week I’ve decided my favourite place at camp is the guard chair. It was a tough choice because there are so many special places at camp, but after spending this week watching the kids from the chair I’m absolutely sure that is my favourite place. It has been such a blessing to me to sit there and watch the children interact with each other and with the staff. They are just so full of joy all the time – even in the crazy heat we’ve been having. They love to attack the staff, either hanging off their backs or having the staff pull them through the water. They also say some of the funniest things too. You can really see everything that is happening from way up there in my chair (well its not actually mine, but sometimes I like to think it is). One of my most favourite things about the chair is when Ian Naisby takes the time to make sure I see him and then waves at me with a huge smile on his face – it makes me feel so special and I have loved getting to know Ian more this week.

Reflecting on how much I love my chair got me thinking a little deeper though. It made me think that if I liked sitting in that chair watching children so much, how much more must God love sitting in heaven watching his children. I can just picture God sitting in a giant lifeguard chair watching us (his children) playing in the water loving life, and from the experiences I have had this week I know that we must put a huge smile on God’s face when he sees us having fun. I can also imagine how happy God must be when we each individually take time out of our day to wave and smile at God like Ian does for me. This may not be the most biblically correct metaphor, but it has really made me want to take time to enjoy life and make God smile because I know he’s watching me.