Hello again!!! Sorry I have not been able to blog as much as I had wanted to. It has been crazy busy for us up here! Not to mention when I was going to blog I spent my time at the hospital, nurse’s office, or icing my foot.

For you that have not heard, last friday while playing a game I slipped on a rock and hurt my ankle pretty bad. At first, I thought it was broken but a hospital trip to Parry Sound on friday showed it was just a sprain. So I had been on crutches from friday untill tuesday and yesterday was my first day walking again. I am walking again today but it is still very swolen and sore.

So an update from my cabins. The boys were super crazy and full of energy and always hungry! So I guess just typical boys. It was really cool to see the change in one boy! He went from being our “trouble boy” and hating underground (what we call like church) to listening almost akk the time and enjoying underground! So that was awesome!

This week our boys are pretty great. They try hard in most of the games and lunch dress ups. They also seem to enjoy underground. The coolest thing about this week is that the boys all like to pray at night. They have been praying for their families safety, my ankle, and thankful for being at camp. So it was awesome to hear them pray and give them that oppertunity!

So ya, we are all loving this time we are having at camp and the times with these kids. It has also been great this summer because the staff have been working on putting more faith in God in all situations. So if everyone could continue to pray for safety for everyone at camp and for the strength in all situations.

Matt Reist

Sorry pictures are not working today! 🙁