I just thought I would write a quick blog to let you all know of some of the funny memories that all of us Westheights kids are coming home with. First of all I forgot to mention in my last blog that Sean Naisby is also up here this week on the Algonquin Adventure, so he is actually on the canoe trip in Algonquin park with Josh B right now. They left Tuesday morning and will be back Friday afternoon.

As I have mentioned before I love the opportunity to be up here and create memories with the kids, especially kids from our church. This week has been really cool for that because I have the opportunity to lead a water sports major (knee boarding, waterskiing, wake boarding – all that great stuff that I can somehow teach although never done myself) with Quinn and Josh, and Michelle is participating in this major. Its been great times. Michelle was in the same major with me and Quinn last week and wasn’t able to get up at all on the knee board, but this week she got up on her first try and has had no problem since then, so we’ve been teasing Michelle that all she needed was Josh to be there, since thats really the only difference from last week – she just looks at us like we’re crazy (which probably isn’t far from the truth).

Then today Quinn was trying to be all cool and sit on the knee board on the edge of the dock with his feet hanging in the water. I had turned around to check on the kid being pulled behind the boat and just heard Quinn go “woah… woah… woah”. I turned back just in time to see the knee board tipping and Quinn slowly falling off the dock into the water, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. It was so funny and he provided the kids with a good laugh.

Matt and Matt have also been providing the kids with good laughs. They are so funny cabin leading together… they are both super competitive. The theme this week has been Road Trip so each night at the campfire they get two cabin leaders to compete against each other in some sort of entertaining challenge to see who will be kicked off the bus for being “too something”. So Matt and Matt got nominated to compete against each other to see who would get kicked off the bus for being too competitive. They had to see who could clean the most chocolate pudding out of a tin plate in a minute without using there hands. Very messy, but still funny! Then in the end they both got punished and their punishment was getting flour and water dumped on their head – for those who never have experienced such a thing it creates a very gluey mixture that is impossible to clean up. The good thing was it forced my brother to actually wash his hair – something he hasn’t done all summer :S

There’s so many other memories I can share with you, but I’ll save them for the others to tell you. It really has been a great summer, and I really think everyone is enjoying themselves.

On a more serious note we had to send another girl to the hospital in an ambulance after she dislocated her knee tubing. She is back at camp with a brace now, but was obviously in a lot of pain before. So just pray for her healing and continue to pray for physical safety for everyone. There’s a lot of encouraging stuff happening spiritually within the camp too. I know Matt R had a really awesome chat with his camper Joseph (the autistic one that was in his cabin last year). But there’s a lot of discouraging stuff happening too, especially in the lives of the staff. So it would be great if you could just pray against all that discouragement and that all the staff would find the emotional and physical strength to finish out these last few days of the last week of kids camp. It’s so hard to believe that kids camp is almost over already. Thank you so much for supporting us through it all. A lot of the Westheights crew will be coming home this weekend and I know they are excited to see everyone again.

Here are some pictures off of the camp website from the first week of kids camp. I have difficulty uploading my pictures but these ones are good too. To see more check out the photo gallery at www.campkahquah.org.