Classifieds (Work): I need someone on school days to pickup the kids from school and bring them home, to do some light clean-up around the house, do laundry, and prepare supper.

Kids: Boy (age 9) and girl (age 12), at two different schools

Days: Weekdays that are school days (not PA days nor holidays), starting in September

Time: Pickup at school #1 at 3pm, then at school #2 shortly thereafter, until around 6pm

Where: In the Highland Hills area of Kitchener

Supper: Prepare the meal for our family for when I get home from work around 6pm

Laundry: Once a week

Clean-up: Light clean-up around the house (e.g. washrooms, floors, etc.)

Vehicle: Will need a reliable vehicle and an in-force drivers license (to transport the kids from school)

This is a contract position (not employment), paid at an hourly rate (to be negotiated).

If interested, please contact Doug.

Thank you.

(edit 2022: For privacy purposes, contact information was removed)