Worried about your child’s behaviour? Not getting the results you hope? Then maybe – just maybe – the strategies you’re using aren’t based on solid research. Bad behaviours can be changed if parents remember to apply ten basic and proven principles. Here are my “Top 10” that I repeatedly share with parents who are trying to alter their kids’ behaviour — but because they aren’t using them, they don’t get the results.

I stumbled across this article, it looked interesting, and it was. All I now need to do is to apply these steps to “bad behaviours” that I observe in my kids. The steps can be used as a simple “checklist” when tackling a desired change.

This article was written by Dr. Michele Borba who is a parenting expert, educational psychologist and mom, and the author of books like No More Misbehavin’ and Don’t Give Me That Attitude!  You might find the article helpful.  Here it is:

Top 10 Behavior Principles Every Parent Must Know