Hello again everyone.  It’s that time when we’re all starting to get back together for the year.  I hope that you all have great times of sharing, prayer, and supporting one another.  Below are the times and contacts for the house church groups.  

Tues. 7:00 PM – Simeon Street (Contact: Devon Wagler, 519-208-3522)

Wed. 7:30 PM – Forest Hill (Contact: Stan Wigg, 519-578-7437)

Thurs. 8:00 PM – Winding Way (Contact: Randy Buhrow, 519-578-3205)

Thurs. 9:45 AM – Queens Blvd (Contact: Pamela Kennedy, 519-747-1543)

Fri. 6:30 PM – Westview (Contact: Jenn Wiens, 519-696-2299)

Sun. 7:00 PM – Forfar (Contact: Jim Curtis, 519-585-0926)