Westheights Church Library review of the book “The Holy Spirit” by author R.A. Torrey.  Reviewed by Meg Slater.

Has it ever occurred to you to question who the Holy Spirit is?

Do you see Him as a Person with characteristics, purpose and power?

Do you or would you want to get to know Him better?

If any of these questions stir some interest in you then borrow this book and find the importance of the Holy Spirit in your life.

R.A. Torrey (1856-1928) was a well known Christian leader, speaker, writer, pastor and evangelist.  R.A. Torrey’s teaching on the person of the Holy Spirit brought thousands to Christ and spiritual power to thousands of saints all over the world. In addition to that teaching, this book also contains seven of his shorter works that were taught around the world, at the Moody Bible Institute, and at churches he pastored, including: The Deity of Jesus Christ The Power of the Blood The Power of the Holy Spirit The Place of Prayer in Evangelism Keep Praying Until God Answers.  Torrey presents his writings from his teaching on the Holy Spirit as well as on other significant topics.

It will bless your life as a Christian to be stronger in your faith and walk as serving in Christ’s ministry