For all of you who play keyboard or piano!  I am going to run a workshop on Saturday November 27 from 6:00-8:00pm at Westheights church.  This workshop will cover both basic and more advanced skills in playing the keyboard from a guitar chord chart.  Many of us are classically trained to play piano from sheet music.  However, in the current worship music around the world, keyboardists are expected to play from a chord chart, just like the guitarists do.  This can seem daunting at first!  However, as a classically trained pianist myself, I will say from experience that it is a fun and rewarding skill to learn.

At this workshop I will go over the basic skills needed to play from a chord chart.  I will also cover more advanced topics for those who can play this way already, but are looking to raise their skills to the next level.

I hope you will join me!