If you are planning to come to YouthQuest, you are expected to be involved in our Roast Beef Dinner and silent Senior High Service Auction on Saturday, November 13th.  We ask that everyone who is helping out be at the church at 5pm having already eaten dinner (or please bring a brown bag meal to eat between jobs).  Snacks will also be served while we decorate, set up tables and prep the food.
Sign-up sheets were available last night (and you can expect the same next Thursday) or you can email Gillian at gillianfenske@westheights.org.  We are asking everyone who is coming to YQ to sign-up for the following:

(a) to bring a large bowl of caesar salad or a pie (homemade or store-bought) for dessert on the Saturday the13th

(b) to work at the event either waiting tables, doing dishes, or prepping food

(c) for something to offer for our silent Senior High Service Auction!  For example, raking someone’s leaves, shoveling snow, babysitting, a piano/skateboarding/cooking lesson or baking pies.  Please be specific.  How many times will you rake leaves?  How many lessons are included?  How many hours of babysitting?

We are hoping to raise another $2500 before YouthQuest so be sure to give it your best!  As well, we encourage you to invite your families and friends and ask that you help spread the word.  We will not be selling tickets but rather ask that everyone who plans to attend RSVP to Gillian at gillianfenske@westheights.org or 519-741-1986 ext. 805.  A donation box will be available at the front doors on Saturday evening.

Thanks for your willingness to participate in this event!  We’re hoping it will not only be a a lucrative fundraising endeavor but also a great time to bond as a youth group and a chance for people to connect with old friends (and meet new people) over supper.