We have completed our first full day in Nicaragua. It was a great first day. On Tuesday morning we got started by 9:00 am … Paul Burns said since it was our first day he would let us start an hour later. However for the rest of the trip, we will have an 8:00 am start time.

Our Missions Team will be working on the 2nd storey of this church

During our two weeks, the two main areas we will be working in will be kids ministry and building construction. As you can see from the pictures, the church building has a fully functional main floor but they have not been able to complete the second storey. In Leon, land is at a premium so they need to build up as there is no room to build out on the current property.

The women spent Tuesday morning setting up and planning for the kids club. They had a great start with about 30 kids attending the first day. The men surveyed the work site and started doing whatever was necessary. As the day progressed, it was clear that we were becoming more and more helpful to the skilled local workers we are partnering with in the project.

While we are here, we will be attending all the church services held at the church where we are working.  They have services on Tuesday night, Thursday night and Sunday morning. I found out this morning that they were expecting someone from the Canadian group to do the sermon for this evening. As you can expect, I got selected. You can see me in the photo, delivering the sermon, with Elsie interpreting. Melanie was also asked to sing so she sang “Open The Eyes of My Heart” in Spanish. It was really great.

At the end of the long day a bunch of us walked down to the local ice cream shop … for the second night in a row. I have a feeling it may be a daily trek.

It has been a great  time already but it is an exhausting day doing construction work in 33 degree temperatures. Then again, it sure beats shoveling snow.

Kids Ministry


Todd, hard at work


Dave and Matt enjoying the view from the 2nd storey


Todd Preaching


Melanie singing at church

UPDATE: 30 photos from the team were uploaded to an album on the Westheights facebook page.