We have completed our first week in Leon, Nicaragua and it has been a great week.  Each day, the weather seemed hotter than the previous. Someone on the team said that today it was 35 degrees in the shade.  It felt that hot … especially when you are carrying 100 pound bags of cement up the stairs to the second floor.

The team has worked together in a tremendous way.  Matt Reist is a hit with the local workers that are working with us with the project. The project manager, Sergio, has taken Matt under his arm and treats him like a son.  It is heart-warming to watch Matt work with Sergio.  Getting to know Matt Reist better has been a highlight for me over the first week.

There seems to be consensus among the team that we have a great first week.  Much work has been accomplished on the building and the kids program is a hit.  The local children are having a riot in the program that Cathy Burns has planned for them.  I am enjoying the manual labour but the children are the highlight for me.  As you look at the children, you can’t but wish you could take them home and give them a better life.

Over the weekend we will attend church on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  At the BIC church in Leon, they have church services on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night as well as on Sunday morning.  We will be attending eight services in two weeks and everything is in Spanish.  It is our goal to encourage the local church here in Leon and according to the local missionary Marshall Poe our presence at their services will have a very positive impact.

I was asked to have a special prayer for the Pastor of the church. His name is Pastor Henry and he will be having surgery on Tuesday for a growth in his neck. I prayed that God will heal him and bless his ministry. Others at home can also pray for Pastor Henry’s healing.

Over the weekend, we plan to visit a volcano site on Saturday and then go to a beach on the Pacific Ocean on Sunday.  We will be sure to take many photos and write about it on the blog.  Stay tuned.