Recently I’ve been listening to the song “Friend of the Poor” over and over in my car.  It’s from an album called “CompassionArt”.  Martin Smith (formerly of “Delirious?”) had the innovative idea to bring 12 of the most well-known Christian worship songwriters of our day together for one week to write songs for charity.  Fourteen songs were created during the course of that week.  They were later recorded and compiled on the “CompassionArt” CD.  Every penny generated from the sale and use of this music goes directly to the poorest of the poor.  In this novel approach, the publishers, managers, agents, and writers have all waived their rights to the music.  The charity “CompassionArt” owns the copyrights forever.  Thus, what they have created will generate money for the poor for years to come.

You can learn more about CompassionArt at

Watch the music video for Friend of the Poor here.