Mother’s Day Concert with a Mission! Come and support David and Doris Illman as they go to share the gospel in Ireland. Concert featuring Valiant, a fabulous new trio with a great new sound.

Sunday, May 8 at 7:00 pm

Rosebank BIC Church

(1434 Huron Road, between Trussler and Queen Street)

Freewill offering

David Illman was recently asked to go on a self-supporting mission to preach the gospel in Ireland. Doris, his wife, will accompany him. They have graciously accepted this invitation for two weeks of preaching in several settings in Ireland but they are going as a part of an outreach mission.  Not only are they not expecting remuneration for their ministry, they are hoping to bless these mission outreaches in Ireland with some tangible resources themselves.

The Board of Rosebank BIC Church sanctioned this as an official missions project so receipts can be given for donations made to Rosebank Church and earmarked “Mission Ireland.”