Facebook turned 7 years old this month. There are almost 600 million people on Facebook, including 40% of the U.S. population. Facebook users are getting younger and younger. How do you protect your kids from the questionable material, from posting “too much info,” and from predators on Facebook?

Credit: Shine

Sue Scheff tackles these questions in her article in the “Parenting Issues” section of the examiner.com website. She provides ten suggestions for parents of young or new Facebook users.

Here’s the article: “10 Ways to Protect your Kids on Facebook

Sue Scheff is an author and parent advocate. She founded Parents’ Universal Resource Experts in 2001, which is an organization that helps parents with struggling teens.

I found this article on Twitter via account @DailyParentTip who had retweeted the following from @SueScheff: “NO TIME? Find time 4 ur kid’s safety! 10 Quick Tips to Protect Kids on #Facebook”