Westheights Church Library review of the book “A Vow to Cherish” by Deborah Raney. Reviewed by Meg Slater.

“A startlingly honest portrayal of love, commitment, and redemption in the midst of tragedy” noted by Library Journal.

I found reading this poignant, sad story, though fiction, was so well written that I could truly believe that it was telling the truth about a disease that very few want to talk about.

Raney develops a couple’s journey through their life of courtship, marriage, and family. As the wife begins to find herself lost and often with mental blanks, Raney describes both the wife’s and husband’s feelings and struggle to come to terms with a disturbing diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as telling their children and their reaction.

The topic of this book is something we all should be knowledgeable about and have a better understanding as more and more people are diagnosed with this disease.

This is the second edition and the author realized that through research and new treatments, she had to update the story.

Though I had studied this disease and cared for patients with Alzheimer’s, this book provided a fresh and wholesome faith based approach.