Meg loaned me a book from Jack Hayford called Penetrating the Darkness. I really enjoyed this book on praying against the forces of the enemy. I recommend the book. If you read the book, recognize that Jack Hayford comes from a charismatic perspective in theology.

That may mean you find some of the ideas challenging or you may even disagree with the author. This book is a good reminder of the importance of prayer because of the power it provides to the follower of Jesus.

Publisher’s Description

Evidence that evil is flourishing faces Christians every day, leaving many feeling hopeless and helpless. What they don’t realize, says esteemed pastor Jack Hayford, is the power that is theirs through the cross. Instead, they labor under the misconception that spiritual warfare occurred only during biblical times. But it is right here, right now, says Pastor Jack. And for the first time he lays out the strategies he’s learned for engaging and defeating evil–through prayer. With clarity and passion, he shows readers how to • develop powerful devotional habits • engage in intercession • plead the blood of Christ • understand the correct use of binding and loosing • confront evil • learn why some prayers don’t succeed • and much more When believers embrace the cross’s power, they will stand up in hope and light against the evil of this world, penetrating even the deepest places where the enemy’s darkness dwells.

Author Bio

Jack Hayford is founding pastor of The Church On The Way and chancellor of The King’s College and Seminary. He has written more than forty books and nearly six hundred hymns and choruses. His national radio and television programs span the world. He and his wife, Anna, live near Los Angeles, California.