Westheights Church Library review of the book “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyer. Reviewed by Heather Cressman.

Review of NEVER GIVE UP (Author Joyce Meyer), Call No. 248.4 (Westheights Church Library)

I realize it sounds like a trite title; an idealistic ‘easier said than done’ approach to life…and I suppose that would be true, if you left the statement as is, and if you didn’t engage God in the process.  But, as we Believers know, all things are possible with God, and this is the starting premise of Joyce’s book. We are to have the heart of an eagle and never give up on ourselves because God never gives up on us!  Throughout the chapters, she outlines many of the obstacles and obstructions we will face in our efforts to become a person of perseverance, and with her typical ‘can do’ attitude, practical analogies and biblical references, she guides us in the steps we need to take to ‘get there’.

One of the keystones of Joyce’s approach is the need to deal with our fears, and she says it is one of the devil’s favourite weapons in defeating us. He can use small insecurities, like our fear of what other people think, to larger ones, like our fear of not pleasing God or of making a mistake. In all, Joyce outlines seven common fears that, at some point, plague most of us. And, she purports, that if ‘he’ doesn’t trip us up, we’re often only too willing to do the job ourselves through condemnation, shame and guilt, to name but a few of the ways we self-sabotage!  She helps us to successfully navigate the field of landmines the devil has laid out, and overcome the self-defeating thought patterns and restrictions we create in our lives.

Joyce is clear, however, that making progress in your life to become a person who never gives up has a price. It may be comfortable habits; it may be time; it may be friends ‘turned off’ by the new you, but make no mistake, there is a cost. But as Jesus admonishes us to ‘count the cost’ before committing ourselves to a new endeavour, hopefully our assessment comes out in favour of pursuing a spirit of dogged determination. Why? Because it’s good for us and it’s God’s will for us. He wants us to fly like eagles in this life, not skitter around the barnyard like frightened chickens, or strut around like flashy, shallow peacocks. He wishes to hone our spirits, finely tune them and align them with His own, imbuing us with the character, strength and courage of an eagle.

Sprinkled between the chapters are interesting stories about people like Helen Keller, Madame Curie and the likes of which you’ve heard. There are also factual tidbits about people, things or situations you may not know… from the failure-turned-success story of the accidental origin of Post-it notes, to how Sarah Breedlove, born on a Louisiana plantation to former slaves, grew up to become the first female African-American millionaire in the United States.

All in all, it’s a very inspirational, bible-based book with practical solutions on how to soar up like an eagle, even if you’re living with turkeys! Don’t just read it; put it into practice and see your life transformed!


– Reviewed by Heather Cressman, Westheights Library Patron