ARE YOU READY JUNIOR HIGHS??? Are you ready to COMPETE? More importantly… are you ready to have FUN?? Red vs. Blue is a team-based, games-focused series of events. Even if you have never been to a RvB before, now is the time to come out because this year it’s going to be EPIC!

Last year the RED TEAM came out on top… but will they be able to dominate this year?? It was a CLOSE call last time around… I think the Blue Team has what it takes, but the Red Team won’t give them an easy time of it!

We’ll have various kinds of games and competitions throughout the afternoon – whichever team has the most points after all of the challenges are complete wins. If you already know your team’s colour, come dressed in a way that represents your team. If not, don’t worry! We can get you gussied up in team garb when you arrive.

We hope you’ll join us for this year’s FIRST Red vs. Blue! Saturday, September 24th from 2:00-4:30pm at Westheights Community Church (82 Westheights Drive in Kitchener).