The Social Planning Council of Waterloo (SPCKW) has partnered with the Ontario Community Access Program (CAP) to provide a series of free computer education workshops and camps to adults at various locations across the region. Seniors, new Canadians and those seeking employment might find these workshops most helpful. These workshops will begin in November 2011 and continue until the end of Spring 2012.

This program will focus on providing adults with basic and intermediate computer skills and help them to develop online communications and social media and networking skills. It will also focus on providing those seeking employment with computer skills necessary to the workplace. It is our hope that by providing individuals with the tools to practice these skills that it will result in a positive change in their lives.

Each course will run for four weeks at a time, the first term beginning the week of November 21st and the second term in early January. Each week there will be one beginner class and one advanced class. Single topic classes will also become available depending on student interest and may be repeated at our discretion.

The program contains eight sessions, four at the beginner level and four at the advanced level. Beginner students will start by learning the components of the computer and build a working knowledge of the Windows operating system as well as learn how to search the internet and use email. If at any point you feel you may need some help with your assignments you can use college paper writing services which should provide extra assistance you may need.

It is expected that advanced students have had regular experience using a computer in at least one major area such as email, internet, or Microsoft Word. The advanced classes will focus on topics such as reliable internet research, Microsoft Office, multimedia and scam awareness.
The dates for the sessions are as follows:

Workshops that may be held include:

• Online Banking
• Digital Camera
• Digital Media
• Use of Google Applications
• Keeping You and Your Kids Safe Online
• Job Hunting Online

These workshops are currently being held at our office, 151 Frederick St, Suite 300 in Kitchener. Other locations may be used for those with accessibility issues or those seeking one on one training.

For any questions and to register for classes, please feel free to call the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo at 519-579-1096 or email at