Many facebook users have Liked the church’s facebook fan page, however, by default the facebook “popularity algorithm” will only distribute our blog posts to about 25% of the people who have Liked our fan page, unless…

logo-facebook-200x110YOU interact with the occasional post on our facebook fan page. All you need to do is click the “Like” link on some of our posts on our fan page — that’s it!

Facebook recently created a “popularity algorithm” to help cut down on the ‘noise’ from all of the fan pages that a given user might Like over time. It limits the posts from your Liked fan pages to:

(a) the pages which YOU periodically interact with

(b) on those pages, it usually only shows you the posts which many people have interacted with

(c) it adds some randomization into the above two conditions so that you will still receive the occasional post without any interaction.

So, if everyone periodically adds some “interaction” to the posts on our facebook fan page, then you and others who have Liked our fan page will see more of the posts from our fan page show up in your facebook news feed. This will be especially helpful for the Nicaragua team’s daily updates — to interact with those posts on our fan page.

“Interaction” just means that you click the Like link, add a comment or share a given post.

Please do not click the Like link on all of our posts. Only interact with the posts which are interesting to you. In that way, it still uses the “popularity algorithm” as it was designed to work, so that the more interesting posts to the general readership are the posts which show up in people’s news feeds.

Thanks for helping increase the popularity of the church’s blog posts to the facebook users who have asked to be informed of updates in this way, by interacting with a few posts regularly 🙂

This is the fourth in five posts this week on how to use technology to keep up-to-date on the Nicaragua team’s activities!

If you have any questions about this, just let us know at

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