Join us in prayer and daily devotions in partnership with our 12 Team Nicaragua members!


Daily Scripture (Read Isaiah 40:25-31)

“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Daily Devotional—Trusting Him Full

I have had the opportunity of serving on several short and long term missions. Let me share a story from one of my times heading out:
As I stepped onto the plane to head back to the mission field, my heart was full of anxiety. I was flying alone and the reality of what I was about to do hit me hard. I was panicked on the inside and tears came. Going back to the mission field this time required a whole new level of faith. My new role promised to be the greatest challenge I’d every experienced. I had every reason to expect it to be a very difficult year ahead. Yet, in that moment, God asked me to TRUST in Him even if I didn’t know what the future held. He would provide everything I needed. Over the course of that year, God brought more joy and delight than I ever imagined. As I prayed each morning, giving over to Him the events and conversations of the day, I saw his faithfulness come through day after day! I can literally say I felt as though I soared on wings of eagles that year.
It is a big step to follow God and do things that are hard for us to do. Even if those who went to Nicaragua this year went before, there are still unknowns, dangers and challenges. Each person needs to place their trust in God that He will go with them and provide all that is needed each day on this missions trip.
What situation do you personally face where you are a bit concerned about whether God will come through for you? Fear has the ability to knock the wind out of our sails. It can paralyze and discourage any hoping, risk-taking or even initiative. Isa. 40:31 reminds me of the courage God gives to those who rest and place their trust in Him. It is human to be tired – physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is tempting to just “grin and bear” the hard things in life. It is Satan’s smooth lies that tell us to focus on our weariness and give up hoping, trying and aspiring for more of Him in our daily walk. Yet those who TRUST in the Lord take their eyes off the current situation and rise above it. Though they are tired, their circumstances no longer have the power to keep them from soaring, regaining their pace and walking forward with determination and confidence in God alone. He will provide all that is needed. Let’s trust in Him fully today!

For The Team:

  • What worries do you have so far? Dedicate every concern over to God asking Him to help you all to soar with wings like eagles as you trust in Him.
  • What previous situations have you had where you saw God provide powerfully? How did that impact your faith?
  • What situation do you personally face where you are a bit concerned about whether God will come through for you?


  • A safe trip and ease through customs. Pray that all the bags of items/gifts collected for the people will travel and arrive safely.
  • For quick adjustment to the food, weather, sleeping arrangements, etc.
  • A joy in being in Nicaragua and an excitement in meeting the locals.
  • That in all that is said and done, it will be God who is honoured and glorified.
  • A humility of heart.

Dependence upon God makes heroes of ordinary people like you and me.
Bruce Wilkinson