Join us in prayer and daily devotions in partnership with our 12 Team Nicaragua members!


Daily Scripture (Read Ephesians 3)

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

Daily Devotional—Attitude: How to Get a Good One!

Paul is overjoyed. He is in prison (house arrest) and encouraging other Christians to have hope and believe God for awesome acts of power. How does he do it? How can we also grow in our conviction that God will act powerfully, even beyond what we can anticipate, and mightily weave all the events of our lives for His glory?

For a number of years, I struggled with depression. Though I wanted to be a part of overseas missions, I was worried that I couldn’t handle any long stint due to depression. When I was diagnosed by a psychologist as mildly depressed, I was relieved to think that my mindset was not “just the way I am” and was treatable. There was hope for recovery. I saw a psychologist for three years. As I visited the psychologist, he taught me a method that kept me from spiraling downward in my thoughts. I would start by identifying the current feeling, and then list all the reasons why I felt this way. Usually one thought invoked a strong feeling and I’d label it the “hot” thought. Next, I was taught to list out truth statements connected to that negative thought. Invariably, I was able to think more clearly about the situation and felt somewhat better. I must have done a thousand “thought records” before this thinking pattern became automatic and I stopped struggling with depression and regularly experienced happiness and peace.

The path to my freedom lay in the mind and affirming truth. In Eph. 3, Paul concludes the chapter with today’s verse. His mindset it one of expectancy. He knows God will glorify himself. He is confident that God will act in power through His followers. He is exuberant that somehow God will do far more than any of us could ask or imagine! How is he so sure?

First, Paul affirms truth. He affirms that we are heirs together with Israel. He claims promises given to Israel as applying to all new believers, Jew or Gentile. When we need an attitude boost, come back to the truth. Affirm all that God has done or given us. Reviewing these truths reminds us of the greatness of God and it lifts our eyes off the current, temporary situation.

Secondly, Paul embraces God’s challenge. He has been called to make the gospel known. He embraces all of it – the joys, the suffering, the easy parts and the hard parts. What is God calling you to do or be today? Will you embrace that wholeheartedly or complain about the hard parts?

Third, Paul reflects on the blessings of God. He proclaims that we have freedom and confidence to approach the very throne of God! What do you marvel at? Ask God to bring to mind the things that continue to amaze you about Himself and His ways.
These three tools: affirming truth, embracing the challenge, and reflecting upon the blessings of God lead Paul then to pray for the Christians. He prays that they may be filled with the Spirit and established in love. He encourages them to meditate on the breadth of God’s love. Now their minds are filled with who God is and not on the impossible nature of their situation. With a full and right picture of God, he concludes with a glowing verse reflecting an unshakeable confidence in God Himself and attitude of hope and joy. Today, expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God!

For The Team:

  • What is God calling you to do or be today? Will you embrace that wholeheartedly or complain about the hard parts?
  • What do you marvel at?


  • Pray that the team members are filled with the spirit of God so as to love the people they serve.
  • Pray that the experience in service will reinforce the breadth of God’s love for each team member.

If the Great Commission is true, our plans are not too big; they are too small.
Pat Morley