It has been very exciting to receive all of the personal perspectives from each team member, and the many photos of their experiences, as they minister in Nicaragua. This is an interim mashup of links to the blog posts and photos received thus far from the team in case you missed any or would like to revisit them. Pssst: remember to “like” these on facebook.


Although you might have seen photos within the blog posts, you should know that the photos uploaded to the Westheights facebook area contain many more pictures of each day’s activities. Below are public links to each facebook photo album (links should work even if you don’t have a facebook account). Click the first picture in each photo album to enlarge it, then click the enlarged photo to advance to the next one in the album.

  • Jan 30 – The travel day: Photos of the group, their trip and the hotel.
  • Jan 31 – First day of work: Construction and the children’s program.
  • Feb 1 – Loading 850 concrete blocks for construction, locally growing fruit, children, a church service, and another group photo (with friends).
  • Feb 2 – More construction, the children’s program, going to a market, and experiencing the local folklore dance festival with a meal.
  • Feb 3 – Construction and the Friday evening church service.
  • Feb 4 – A drive to the city of Leon and time for some relaxing at the beach after a week of hard work.
  • Feb 5 – The team goes to a Sunday service at the church that last year’s team helped at, in the city of Leon, Nicaragua. Since some in this year’s team were also present last year, it was a special reunion for them.
  • Feb 6 – The team visited the home of one of the boys, Gersten — a sprawling shanty style house made of scrap metal, branches and a dirt floor. Then back to the church for more construction and the children’s program.
  • Feb 7 – (photos still being transmitted, only some have arrived thus far…)

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Blog Posts

Each of these blog posts is written by an individual team member in Nicaragua, showing their perspective of a given day’s activities. They are very interesting to read and to see certain events through different people’s eyes:

  • Jan 30 – from Todd Lester
  • Jan 31 – from Tim Lee
  • Feb 1 – from Kiana Lee
  • Feb 2 – from Cathy Burns
  • Feb 3 – from Paul Burns
  • Feb 4 – from Liam Gibbs
  • Feb 5 – from Josh Burns
  • Feb 6 – from Melanie Wigg
  • Feb 7 – from Todd Lester
  • Feb 8 – from Glynis Gibbs

Remember also the excellent, daily Nicaragua Devotionals that Karen Mansfield wrote to assist us in prayer support for the team.

Comments are always welcomed on any of the blog posts — just scroll to the bottom of the post and enter your comment in the input field. Comments and “likes” are encouraged on the facebook posts and photos as well.

The above links should open in a new window so that you can use this mashup post as a jumping off point to view the other photos and posts. Hope it’s helpful 🙂