We wake to Rosita and Lawrence (parrots) conversing and the honking of speeding vehicles as the drivers warn that they are passing. Tranquility and chaos co-exist here.

Some of us are starting to slow down inside although we continue to work hard. We are still passionate and eager to serve, but willing to simply make ourselves available to do whatever job, big or small, as it presents itself. Our adventure is not knowing how the day will play out. The satisfaction comes from knowing that each of us has used our individual gifts, as a team, to accomplish what we can with what we have.

Today we employed local businessmen to repair a wheelbarrow, create a new leg for a broken table and to add the finishing touches to a guitar that Tim has spent much time and effort to refurbish. We are slowly building relationships with the people in the village. Time, money and love well spent.

Our day ended with a visit to an orphanage (MCC Mustard Seed Ministry) for developmentally challenged children. We shared hugs and laughter.

Vida es Buena!

Here are some pictures from the day (click any photo for a larger version):