The theme for Pitch and Praise 2012 is WIDE AWAKE, and we love that! The Pitch website says, “Being awake can simply mean that you’re not sleeping. But maybe there is more to this life – another way to live! We have been invited into living Wide Awake…observing and engaging in life. We aren’t just groggily or mindlessly going through a series of motions. We are aware and concerned about what is happening in the relationships and world around us, we are connected with our Creator and the redemptive story of which we are a part. We are Wide Awake!”

Pitch and Praise is truly an amazing event. Picture nearly 2000 students sleeping in tents, running amok, worshiping loudly. There are general sessions and concerts and workshops and sports tournaments and a skate park and a “club” where everyone jumps up and down and “gets sweaty for Jesus”! There aren’t enough showers and the food isn’t everyone’s favourite and it usually rains a lot but nobody really cares because they’re all having so much fun.

We ask that you keep Pitch and Praise in your prayers this May long weekend. Please pray that the students are safe, while both traveling and camping. Pray that everyone has a great time. Pray that our group connects deeply. Pray that students are impacted by the message before them and their relationships with leaders and other students. Pray that Jesus speaks to them in new and exciting ways. Pray that the experience goes beyond a weekend high and moves them to action in their daily lives.

For more info about this event visit For specific Westheights’ info, click here to be directed to the earlier Pitch blog post.