Over the years, we’ve been confronted with a reality of working with young people. The friends you see every week, who you invest long weekends and countless coffees and burgers into – they grow up. Getting older is a fact of life, yet maturity doesn’t happen by accident. It takes intentionality, attention and effort. The flow of time takes us from children to adulthood and yet for some of us, we feel like we’re left on the side of the riverbed or just get caught up in the stream. We never notice how it’s changing us, wearing away at our hearts and dreams.

God’s answer to this is simple: community. We need other fish swimming down the river to remember our way. Sometimes those fish are our own peers and sometimes they’re fish who have swam this stream before.

Your post-high school years can be some of the most challenging you’ll ever face. They can also be the most rewarding, the most invigorating and the most inspiring to others. We don’t want to build another program or entertainment venue. Our goal is simple: redemption. We want to join in on the continual renewal that happens when we wake up to what God is doing in the world and learn to find our way of responding to it. “It’s a dangerous thing, going out your front door,” Bilbo Baggins once said. We want to create the space in our lives for what Jesus is building in us and through us. A chance to step boldly into a new experience together.

Join us on June 24th for a chance to eat, share and dream about a new movement happening at Westheights for those between the ages of 18 and 30. We want to share ideas, to sense our common values, to talk and laugh and share about how Jesus is speaking to us through the signs all around us. Our dream is that you too have seen what God is building in our world and want a weekly reminder of that.

The quest for questions begins on June 24th, from 12-2:30 @ 82 Westheights Drive. Free pizza (but feel free to bring something sweet for after)!

Tom and Gillian Fenske