What a great gift idea! What a great keepsake! Christmas is around the corner… start planning your gift list today! Online recipe websites are great, but without writing out or printing off all of the recipes we find we’ll have nothing to pass along to future generations. Buying this cookbook means a memento for your family, but it also helps to send Sr. High students to YouthQuest, a life-changing youth conference taking place in Baltimore this December. We need your help to get there!

We have gotten GREAT feedback about this cookbook. It’s well-designed and easy to use, and includes tried and true recipes from members of Westheights. Each submission also includes a “personal note” from the contributor, outlining what they love about that recipe. Get to know people in your church better while preparing to make something delicious!

You get recipes for delicious fare like Hot Bacon Cheese Dip, Instant Pesto Torta, Extra Sizzling Tomato Soup, Easy Company Chicken, Chiffon Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Cherry Jewel Bars and Absolutely Amazing Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares. Yum!

Just $15 each; order 3 or more and pay only $13 each. Cookbooks will be arriving in November.

Copy and paste the form below into an email and send it off to Gillian Fenske at gillianfenske@westheights.org (or pick up and fill out a form on a Sunday morning). Completion of this form is a commitment to purchase the number of cookbooks indicated.

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DEADLINE FOR LAST ORDER IS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH. We will NOT be ordering extra cookbooks, so be sure to fill out a pre-order form!

Please note that this is a reprint of the Westheights cookbook we created last year.