You’ve been waiting all year for it… Halloween for Hunger is tonight at 6PM! Regardless of rain, wind (or snow), we’re going ahead so dress warmly and be ready to bring a big ol’ pile of food!

When you arrive, signs will be posted with your team and route. Once you arrive, grab a ‘What Do I Say?!?!’ sheet as well as a letter. Please find your name, start meeting your fellow collectors and pick-up driver. Swapping phone numbers is a great and easy way to stay in touch and before we leave is the time to do it. We’ll meet at 6:15 for a quick meeting and prayer, then you’re off. We should be wrapped by 7:45 at the latest, with food and hot chocolate to warm your bones. If your bring a wagon, tape will be available to label it.

A big pre Thank YOU! to everyone helping out! You are the heartbeat of our community! See you tonight!