What do you get when you put 26 males, a couple of power drills, a bowl of 2-inch screws and a pile of cedar in a room–and shake it all up?

Why, a barn-raising, of course! And a whole lot of powerful community.

On Saturday, November 17, a team of “tool men”–Westheights’ dads and sons–invaded Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre to work alongside a group of 8 male residents. Together, they assembled a 5-foot stable which will serve as a backdrop for the Home’s large nativity figures. Talk about anticipation in a room. Minimal talking, and the requisite sound of the drills. A rare experience when there are 13 boys ages 22 mo. to 14 years in the room!

For the boys, it was likely their first barn-raising…Hey, for the dads and residents too! Praise God for a wonderful opportunity to build His kingdom.

Many thanks to Sean, Jenne and Wyatt Lichty, who so willingly and expertly designed and prepped the stable so that it was ready for assembly.

We received a note from the Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre, following this fun-filled event: The residents of Forest Heights express heartfelt gratitude to Charlene Neuman and Sean Lichty and his team of dads and boys who made the trek over to Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre to help us build a stable for our nativity scene. Old and young joined together to assemble the barn, taking turns with the hammers, nails and screwdrivers and enjoying snacks together too. The new stable will be put up in our little Peace Chapel. Our residents and staff will have the chance to enjoy quiet time at the manger. We also thank the SK-Grade 1 group for its visit to our worship service. The singing was great and the gifts much appreciated. May God grant you peace during this season of Advent and Christmas.

Rev. Ingrid Loepp Thiessen

Chaplain, Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre