On December 16th we are having our Project GIVE Sunday.  We are collecting donations of health supplies in order to assemble kits that will be distributed to children living in refugee camps who do not have access to hygiene supplies. Helping is as easy as 1-2-3. One, rip off a supply slip from the posters in the foyer.  Two, buy your supplies.  Three, show up on Sunday, Dec 16th with your supplies.  On Dec 16th we will assemble the kits to deliver to MCC. Project GIVE is an annual event here at Westheights. We have chosen to do this rather than the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes in recent years due to our close relationship with MCC. Over the past months, House Churches and the kids and student ministry at Westheights have been collecting donations for health and school kits for MCC. It is time for the whole church to join in.

In fact, the BIC denomination has set a cooperative goal of packaging 2500 kits by the time we assemble at our Annual General Meeting in May of 2013.  I have set a goal for our church to contribute 100 of those kits through Project GIVE.  Even though there are 40 churches contributing, I have the feeling we will give more than many of the other churches.  Not to sound competitive but I believe we can out-give the other congregations.

We are asking you to contribute any one (or all!) of the following:

  • 5 squeeze-top toothpaste (minimum 130 ml/7 oz; leave in box)
  • 5 large bars of bath soap (leave in packaging)
  • 5 fingernail clippers (good quality, not from dollar store)
  • 5 dark-coloured hand towels (larger than fingertip towels)

Thank you for your generosity and loving kindness as we enter into the season of Advent.

For more information on the efforts of MCC in this regard visit http://www.mcc.org/kits.