Week 1 Introduction – The Right Time and Place (Feb 18)


Read: Matthew 14:13, Matthew 14:22-23

1) Why do you think the Bible tells us that Jesus spent time alone?

2) If Jesus felt the need to pray, what does that say about our need?

3) What time or times of the day do you feel best able to concentrate?

4) What place or places do find yourself best able to focus and unlikely to be distracted?


Let’s make some decisions about the best times and places to focus on God and read the Bible during this spiritual adventure.

1) What time of the day works best for you?

2) What is the best place?

Pray: Ask God to encourage you and give you a willing heart to spend regular time focusing on Him. Refer to your Prayer Journal at the back of the printed Study Guide. Alternatively, pick up your own blank notebook to use as a Prayer Journal. Use the journal to remind yourself to pray for others; pick some people to pray for this week. Use it to pray for yourself; what do you want God to help you with? Use it to thank God for what He has done!