Week 2 Letters – Colossians (Feb 27)


The Church of Colossae seems to have been influenced by the surrounding Greek religions. In this letter, Paul takes some time to clarify who Jesus is in order to eliminate some of the wrong ideas that may have been gaining influence in the Church there. Paul also reminds the Church about grace, as he did so strongly in his letter to the Galatians.


Read Colossians. Underline, or take note of a few verses that you want to remember through your day—or, if you are reading in the evening, some verses you want to remember throughout your day tomorrow. If there is anything you run into that challenges you or that you want to thank God for, remember to write it down in your Prayer Journal.

In Colossians 1:15-20, Paul quotes a song or poem, just as he did in Philippians, which we looked at a few days ago. In regards to this poem Tom Fenske wrote, “Colossians has a spirit of mystery and intrigue to me that I find fascinating. If some call the book of Ephesians the ‘Constitution’ of the Church, I think Colossians is the Declaration of Independence- independence from selfishness; from the Empire of Consumption and Religiosity.  The poem in verse 15-20 is like an anthem to mystery, of why following Jesus is so rewarding: it’s about us giving up control. I return to the passage every few months to rekindle my rebel heart, to remind myself that following Jesus means diving into uncertainty while clinging to the One Who Always Is.”